Entry #1

My Gear

2016-12-29 13:17:14 by YaboiMatoi

Gear I use to make my music:

  • Electric Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
  • Bass Guitar: Ibanez SR805
  • Classical Guitar: Cordoba C5
  • Audio Interface: Line 6 Pod HD
  • Studio Monitors: KRK Rokit 5
  • Microphone: Blue Yeti
  • DAW: Mixcraft Pro Studio 7
  • Vibrator: Xbox 360 Controller



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2016-12-30 00:52:42

What about VSTs?

YaboiMatoi responds:

I usually use the standard ones Mixcraft has to offer.
Some of them I like to use are: Messiah or MinimogueVA
What I've recently discovered is the free VST Famisynth, which allows you to do some great 8-bit like sounds.
Same goes for tweakbench.com. Some of the ones I use are also from there.

Thanks for asking :)